Global Sales Director | Managing Partner (IT & Hospitality)


Cristina is a specialist in business development and strategic alliances. Over the past 20 years, she has built her professional career in international environments, supporting growth and building relationships in a wide variety of sectors, including large hotel companies, e-commerce, and technology companies. In 2016, she joined QualitySearch & Partners to lead the division specialized in TravelTech & Hospitality, bringing her expertise to that sector.


Her extensive network of professional contacts in different industries allows her to have a deep understanding of market trends and challenges. Currently, she advises companies in developing their business strategies, strategic alliances, and talent search in their growth processes. In addition, through the Outplacement division, she works on prospecting new opportunities for executives in the process of professional transition.


Passionate about languages (she speaks Spanish, English, German, French…), she never tires of travelling, learning new languages, and experiencing other cultures.