The main activity of QualtiySearch & Partners is the search, identification and selection of managing directors.

In our search, we focus on the local and the international market, looking for local, national and international candidates. To fulfil our objectives, we base our work on the following methodologies:

Direct Search

Using a direct search methodology, we identify and attract the ideal candidate from a specific sector. With this methodology, we identify those executives with proven experience in a specific industry, assuring a high level of confidentiality for our clients and candidates. This methodology is focused on the identification and attraction of highly sought-after managing directors, who are difficult to attract through traditional methodologies. We have a large number of contacts in different sectors. This is an advantageous starting point. However, true executive search is about deep market research. This requires high specialization and great effort to achieve good results.

Executive Recruitment

Through elaborate and careful advertising on web sites and in the press, together with our database, we are able to recruit a large number of candidates, from different sectors, who are looking for professional change. After initial filtering, candidates pass through an exhaustive evaluation process. Our Consultants combine great knowledge of different industries and experience with the latest assessment and selection techniques.

Middle search

This methodology combines the direct search/head hunting method with traditional selection (selection through advertisement). It allows us, on the one hand, to access candidates who are difficult to attract and who are working in an specific industry. On the other hand, it allows us to recruit candidates who are interested in professional change. A typical application of this methodology occurs when a client wants to consider candidates from his direct competitors but at the same time compare the quality of professionals from different activity sectors.



QualitySearch Outplacement is a consultancy firm that offers solutions focused on career transition, executive development and professional growth in the process of change in the work environment.

We define outplacement as a group of techniques and strategies that allow people who have to leave the organization where they have been working to find new employment, according to their personal and professional objectives and considering the current state of the employment market.

Therefore, outplacement is a service that our firm provides to all or some of the company’s redundant employees so that the transition in their professional careers is as smooth as possible.
Our consultants in the area of outplacement have been trained by pioneers in Spain in applying different methodologies. They have 20 years experience in guidance and career transition, and are highly knowledgeable about the local job market.



This is a service for those directors and managers in a process of expatriation.
Within our programmes, we offer an outplacement service to the spouse as well as specialised services in global mobility through our partner Move & Enjoy Relocation.
Through them, we provide services to corporate and private expatriates, offering a full relocation, immigration and corporative consulting service on a national and international basis.

QS Hospitality is a business unit specialised in hospitality and tourism, with its main focus on:

  • International hotel chains, independent hotels, property management companies and those selling touristic services.


  • Technological suppliers for the tourism sector B2 B and B2 C at an international level.


We provide a personalised solution in the operative and strategic areas through the search for professionals such as:

  • Directors and Middle Management.
  • Corporate structure.
  • Full structure for new openings.


We also offer strategic consultancy services in processes of growth and expansion from Spain to other countries and from abroad to the Spanish market:

  • Market research and analysis.
  • Sales and marketing strategy for new markets.
  • Viability studies and product adjustment in the process of expanding to the Spanish market.

We are also able to provide advice about different management tools, technology and hospitality distribution.

In QualitySearch our executive programs focus not only on addressing the causes, signs and symptoms related to stress; we provide a variety of practical strategies for its management.

Specifically designed depending on our client´s needs, we offer a wide range of services.
Our methodology is totally practical and has the objective of making real changes for the individual.

We offer two types of programs:

  • Individual programs for directors.
  • Modular programs for groups.

We have more than 15 training modules related to stress management. They are all complementary and allow us to provide from a short term module to an intensive program for stress management.