Our team

The consultants at QualitySearch & Partners have extensive experience in the areas of recruitment, outplacement, assessment and HR Consultancy in local and international markets.


QualitySearch´s team is composed of a group of consultants offering services from our offices in Spain and who are experts in the local business environment. This allows us to provide optimal advice in executive search and recruitment. At the same time, through our international alliances, we provide services in most of Europe, Africa, Asia and The Middle East.


On the other hand, our Outplacement team is specialized in career transition and professional growth related to change processes. They bring deep knowledge of the job market and an extensive network of contacts.


Global Executive Search Director

Managing Partner (global business)

Valencia, Spain
Tel. +34 629448517

Global Sales Director

Managing Partner (IT& Hospitality)
Valencia, Spain
Tel. +34 687538899